Moasure ONE featured in established Spanish digital architecture magazine, Cosas de Arquitectos

February 28, 2023

Moasure ONE featured in established Spanish digital architecture magazine, Cosas de Arquitectos

Moasure’s patented technology is transforming how time-poor professionals across multiple industries measure indoor and outdoor spaces, with its ability to measure and draw simultaneously.

Offering the capability to share and export measurements from within Moasure's app, straight to PDF or to design software, Moasure ONE’s cementing itself as a must-have tool for many in the landscaping and hardscaping, artificial grass, concrete, construction, playgrounds and recreation, and pools, spas and outdoor living industries – and that list is getting longer.

Now, Moasure ONE is becoming a familiar name in the world of architecture, too, with the device offering many benefits compared to error-prone, traditional measuring tools.

One architect and blogger thought that the Moasure ONE device was so different to anything he’d seen before, that he not only published an article about it on the Spanish digital architecture magazine website,Cosas de Arquitectos, but selected it as the homepage feature, and also positioned it prominently in the technology section.

The author of the article is Madrid-based Luis Sanchez Blasco – after giving the device a go in the real world, he saw Moasure ONE as a very good fit for the architecture industry. You can read his write-up right here.

In the article, Luis talks about Moasure ONE’s impressive level of accuracy, ease of use and in particular, the layers feature. He especially likes how you can export drawings, and also appreciates how the app tells you where there may be errors in your measurements, so that you can improve your technique.

Luis said:‘In the same way that you do not measure the same with a laser metre as with a tape measure, to use Moasure you have to learn how to use it. Once you do it, it turns out to be a practical and useful tool that makes your work much easier. Compared to the sketch in the notebook that later has to be transferred to digital format, here you already have it digitised and you only have to edit and adjust it.’

If you’re in the architectural world and are looking for a new way of measuring up for projects, discover the many innovative features of Moasure ONE, and see how it can revolutionise the way you measure.

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