Moasure and D'Apuzzo: Pool industry professionals' best ally?

Moasure and D'Apuzzo: Pool industry professionals' best ally?

D’Apuzzo Piscine - originally operating in the construction sector, entered the swimming pool sector in 1975. 

Based in Lettere, in Italy's Naples area, the company specialises in designing and building reinforced concrete and fiberglass swimming pools, fountains and large water features. They also provide maintenance, supply of top brands products and accessories, such as cleaners, lighting, chemicals and everything related to the swimming pool sector.

You can see examples of their work in several well known villas, hotels, spas - and on their company website and Instagram page

A small, but efficient team of 8 delivers all the projects in a timely manner while meeting the highest quality standards, thanks to the excellent management skills of Francesco S. D’Apuzzo, who maintains relationships with key suppliers and customers and takes care personally of the most complex projects, all under the supervision of his father, the founder and beating heart of the company.

Optimising the resources available and finding new ways to save time without compromising on quality has always been a priority for Francesco, who has discovered Moasure in February 2021 and has never looked back ever since!

Back in time, Francesco used to take swimming pools measurements using tape measure, guide rollers, laser pointers and drones. 

The laser, in particular, was very impractical for professionals working outdoors, as the sunlight can interfere with the measurements. It was really difficult to take measurements over distances of 20/25 meters on a sunny day with the laser.

Taking measurements of pools with irregular shapes, for example to make a cover, was really challenging, so he had to take lots of measures which was very time consuming, and he always had to ask another member of the team to come along to help - it was time to look for an alternative!


"When I started to use Moasure my way of working has completely changed: I was finally able to take measurements without having to worry about the weather and for an average size swimming pool it only takes 1 minute from start to finish." says Francesco

Moasure's patented technology makes measuring faster and easier because it uses motion sensors and an advanced algorithm that lets users measure by simply walking from one point to another. The device knows its own position in 3D space and doesn't rely on GPS, phone signal or daylight, making it easy to  calculate distance and elevation changes as it moves – even around obstacles. 

Moasure and D'Apuzzo: Pool industry professionals' best ally?


Also, another big plus of using Moasure is that "I can take measurements by myself: for a small team like ours, this is a game changer".

Moasure ONE is now a faithful ally for Francesco: in autumn, when we they very busy because they make a lot of pool covers, they use it every week. 

"When I’ve had a chance I’ve taken reference measurements using the laser or other methods to compare and I must say that the differences I have noticed are minimal and are completely acceptable because in my sector I do not need millimeter accuracy." - says our happy customer.

Moasure accuracy is 99.5% for single dimension measurements. (for example, +/- 2cm on a 4m length) and 97-98% for area and volume measurements (for example, +/- 0.3m2  when measuring  a 16m2 room).

This makes Moasure ONE ideal for measuring for estimates and quoting e.g. for landscaping, artificial grass, garden design, paving, concreting, pool construction, playgrounds and recreation, sports courts, construction, excavation – and many other industries.


In his job, Francesco uses different software programs, mainly CAD and Autocad, which are both compatible with Moasure, so after taking the measurements he can import the files into the program and start working on them right away. 

The seamless integration between Moasure and the software makes everything easier, all it takes is to open the app, go to Files > Export, select the DXF file format and send it to yourself via email.

Moasure's export feature is included without any additional cost and the measurements can be exported from within the Moasure app – to PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG or CSV formats, ready to be exported to the most popular software programs, such as: Autocad, SketchUp, VectorWorks, ArcSite, Scribe, PoolStudio etc.

Regarding his challenges for the future, Francesco says "I am a "son of art" as I carry on the business started by my father, who founded the company. Being in the phase of generational succession, my personal challenge is to give continuity to the company and renew it to keep it in tune with the times.

Moasure fits perfectly into my concept of corporate modernization. Obviously there are many other aspects on which I am concentrating, but this device certainly gives its small contribution in the perspective of continuous improvement."

If you are considering buying Moasure ONE for your business, keep in mind Francesco’s words: “I can recommend Moasure for its technology, accuracy and speed. It has changed the way I work in my industry!”


Learn more about Moasure ONE here.


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