Moasure® for Concrete Contractors & Specialists

Moasure is transforming the way professionals in the Concrete industry measure.

Difficult Measuring Made Easy with Moasure ONE

Meet the world's first motion-measuring tool.

Moasure’s patented technology is transforming how professionals in the concrete industry work with its ability to measure and draw – rapidly and simultaneously.

Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple. Moasure enables concrete project estimators to measure in a completely new way, just by moving from one point to another, with measurement data captured in real-time and viewable on your smartphone or tablet screen.

You can also draw while you measure, capture in 3D, factor in gradients and elevations and calculate the area of complex spaces with ease – even around obstacles.

Save hours of time and complete more jobs – this really is the smart new way to measure spaces and shapes for driveways, yards, sidewalks, steps, patios, pool decks and lots more.

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Review drawings on your smartphone or tablet

Calculate Area & More

Automatically calculate the area of complex spaces

Save Time, Do More

Boost productivity by spending less time measuring

A Measuring Tool Like No Other

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Measure and draw at the same time, capturing elevation changes as you go. All in a fraction of the time it used to take.

No more wasting time transforming scribbled measurements into drawings, Moasure does it all for you while you go. Moasure makes light work of measuring large or small complex areas – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around. Review your measurements on your smartphone or tablet all in real time.

Measure Curved Shapes & Areas

At last, rapidly measure up curved lawns, pools or any free-form curved line. Moasure’s game-changing technology allows you to simply trace along a curved line using Moasure ONE to digitally and automatically calculate the area and perimeter or irregular shapes and spaces like driveways or yards.

Once the measurement is complete, you can view a detailed drawing of the shape, in 2D or 3D, on your smartphone or tablet.

Measure Multiple Areas in One

Measure multiple shapes relative to each other – all in one, single measurement. This new and powerful feature, called Layers, enables you to measure shapes, or Layers, within an area and produce a comprehensive on-screen diagram of all Layers – all positioned relative to each other.

Measure in 3D

Moasure captures three dimensional spaces with ease and allows you to review them on screen. It’s easy to calculate the gradient, rise and run or height difference between any two points.

From measuring complex shapes like sloped lawns or driveways, to calculating rise and run – difficult measuring is made easy with Moasure.

Measure Around Obstacles

Moasure ONE's advanced motion-measuring technology enables you to rapidly take measurements regardless of obstructions such as garden furniture, walls, large bushes or trees. Simply moving around an obstacle and utilizing Moasure's Ignore Point feature displays a complete measurement as if the obstacle was never there.

Measure Circles & Arcs

Simply collect 3 or more points along a curve and Moasure ONE will calculate:

Area, Circumference, Diameter, Radius

Arc Length, Arc Angle, Segment Area, Chord Length, Arc Radius

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How Moasure Works

Moasure’s patented technology uses motion to take measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm to deliver an innovative new way to measure.

Measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space doesn't rely on GPS, phone signal or daylight, making it easy to single-handedly measure distance, perimeter, area, changes in elevation and more – at any time, in any place.

Moasure's dependable technology enables landscaping contractors to drop error-prone measuring methods and replace traditional tools with the one tool that does it all.

Export Your Measurements

Optimize your workflow by exporting your measurements from within the Moasure app – to PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG or CSV formats. Moasure's export feature is included without any additional cost.

Export PDF

Automatically generate a comprehensive PDF document of your measurement, including a diagram of the measured shape and corresponding measurements for each edge, as well as elevation data for each captured point. If your measurement consists of multiple shapes or areas, the PDF will include your complete measurement as well as individual pages for each shape.
Download Sample PDF

Export DXF (AutoCAD Compatible)

Export 2D or 3D DXF files, which can be opened in all popular CAD applications such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, VectorWorks and ArcSite.
Download Sample DXF

Export CSV

Export coordinate data as a CSV file. CSV files can be used for many CAD applications. The CSV file displays the measurement's X, Y and Z values.
Download Sample CSV

You can also export your measurements in PNGimage and SVG formats.

Export your measurements to your favorite software programs, such as:

Real Stories from Concrete Professionals

Hear from Moasure users in the commercial and residential concrete industry

"Moasure is a very helpful device with a great time-saving."

Jens Mueller
North Dallas Concrete
Texas, United States

"I’ve only used it once, but it sure makes quote preparation a million times easier. No longer need to lug around a laser. Just measure the site and then quickly calculate all material requirements. Love it!"

Jason Nordwall
Concrete Craft North Nashville
Tennessee, United States

"We bought a couple of them. It is real accurate especially on irregular and curving pours. Two of us measured up a pour separately with old school tape measures and came in at around 1,620-1,650 square feet. We ordered accordingly and ended up with two extra yards. We remeasured with the Moasure and it came in at 1,480 square feet."

Michael Dougherty
Facebook Group: Concrete Everything!!! Share Your Knowledge!!!

"One of the greatest tools I own. I measure twice as fast and don't have to calculate. It gives and immediate diagram and I look extremely professional."

Randy Searls
Concrete Craft Wilmington
North Carolina, United States

"Moasure is a great tool, it absolutely multiplies my effort!"

Tony Dupay
Unlimited Concrete Concepts
Minnesota, United States

"We have two of them. Very precise. Owners cant argue the quantities when you send them the take-off from the app. The sticks they just came out with work pretty well. No more bending over to take measurements. Long story short, we like them and will order more if needed."

Chuck McHenry
Facebook Group: Concrete Everything!!! Share Your Knowledge!!!

"Moasure makes it easy for me to measure irregular shapes and import into design and take-off software. Which is great for bidding and design for accurate numbers and dimensions."

Walter Munoz
Munoz Concrete Services
California, United States

"Moasure is awesome."

Daniel Bultman
Excavation & Construction Group Pty Ltd.
Victoria, Australia

"Moasure makes life so easy when measuring square footage."

Stewart Hames
Washington, United States

"Moasure is a life changer - I can import a specific area of a project, size it into the drawing, and have a perfect take off of sizes of turf, concrete, and planter areas."

Scott Johnson
Concrete Creation Inc.
California, United States

"After I shorted myself out of 3000$ I knew I had to order a Moasure. I opened this thing up like a kid at Christmas. As a contractor I despise wasting time on estimates. This thing gets me in and out in literally just minutes. No note pad. No pen. No tape measure. I do it all on the phone and the customer has an estimate texted on the spot. Now I can add the measurements from Moasure to the estimates I walk away with zero work to do on the estimates. It is most definitely acceptable as accurate as it may or may not be.

I mainly measure residential concrete and landscaping projects. Perimeters fir curbs and fence. Asphalt and more. I can show customers in 3d mode that the drainage slopes away from their investment right on .you phone. No more annoying beeping laser level that scares customers back Inside. My worst fear is that my competition might get their hands on one of these babies. I told my brother to get one for his golf bag so he can get more insight on his putting."

Curtis Stenger
Stenger’s Concrete
Alberta, Canada

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.

If you would like to return your Moasure ONE, simply keep your original product packaging and accessories and ensure the device is in sellable condition (we know you have to use it).Get in touch with us to and return the product within 30 days from purchase.

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