Colas: How Moasure is replacing traditional measuring tools

Colas: How Moasure is replacing traditional measuring tools


About Colas

For those in the construction and civil engineering industry, Colas needs no introduction. Founded in 1929, the company is now owned by the Bouygues group.

Colas is a global player in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure as well as urban and leisure facilities. With around 57,000 employees, the company operates in more than fifty countries on each continent.

Colas completes around 100,000 projects each year and is now one of the world's leading road construction and maintenance companies.

The company also offers its expertise through Colas & Vous, a dedicated service to people wishing to design and build their outdoor spaces.

Colas & Vous specializes in meeting the specific needs of homeowners; from designing and building garden paths and driveways, parking spaces, playgrounds, patios and more. 

Colas discovers Moasure – a completely new way to measure 

Moasure’s revolutionary measuring device and technology was first discovered by Colas’ Innovation Department at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) back in 2020.

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the USA, CES is one of the most influential annual technology exhibitions in the world. In 2019, Moasure won an award for “Hottest Startup”. 

Incorporating advanced accelerometers, gyrometers and proprietary algorithms, Moasure ONE takes around 500 sensor measurements every second while it’s moved. Measurement data is then sent via Bluetooth to Moasure’s smartphone app – giving the user a comprehensive diagram of the measured site complete with perimeter, area and elevation changes.  

Putting Moasure to the test

Back from Las Vegas, Colas introduced the newly-discovered measuring device and companion smartphone app to Philippe Lallement, Colas technical-commercial works expert.

Having worked at Colas for over 30 years in large scale construction projects, Philippe is a technology enthusiast who also specializes in residential landscaping design and constructions.

As a technology enthusiast, Philippe was the perfect match to start using the tool. He started using Moasure ONE for a yard renovation at a private home, saying: "After an initial learning phase, I found this measuring tool to be very useful and practical compared to the usual tools."

After Philippe’s positive experience, the test was then carried out by around twenty Colas agencies, mainly in France but also in Switzerland and Hungary. Public works experts initially put Moasure to the test, followed by experimentation by some of the company’s site managers and surveyors. 

Moasure becomes a business asset

Moasure is now one of Colas’ tool of choice in the surveying and planning phase of their projects. 

Moasure ONE enables Colas employees to rapidly survey sites, effortlessly generate comprehensive drawings and transform Moasure data into quotations for customers.

Moasure takes up less space than a bulky measuring wheel or a laser level – the pocket-size device can be simply clipped to one’s belt.

According to Philippe Lallement: "I don't need a notepad and a pen any more, I can make my measurements myself without needing to use other tools or asking for a surveyor to come to the site.

Being IP67 rated, Moasure ONE is both shockproof and waterproof – eliminating the need to jot down measurements or scribble together drawings in adverse weather conditions. 

Moasure ONE is transforming a variety of industries with its ability to measure irregular shapes while simultaneously capturing an on-screen diagram. Professionals who previously relied on error-prone traditional measuring tools can now rapidly calculate area, measure perimeters and distance while factoring in gradients and elevations.

Using accelerometers, gyroscopes and advanced, proprietary algorithms, Moasure ONE measures its own movement in 3 dimensions without relying on cell phone signal or GPS.

All Moasure measurements can be saved, named and organized into folders – making them easy to find and reference later. 

With just a few taps, each measurement can be shared by email – and opened in CAD software as Philippe confirms: "Once my measurement is complete, I save it as a PDF file for myself and export it as a DXF file with photos of the site and email it all to one of our surveyors so that he can draw up a scale plan for me, which I can then print."

According to Philippe, "Moasure saves me time. Customers can see me taking the measurements and they can check the drawings and data right away on my Moasure app.”

Moasure is now in most cases replacing the measuring wheel: "On my sites, I only use my Moasure ONE and STICK to measure, I personally don't need a topometer or a wheel anymore" concludes Philippe.


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