Moasure for gardeners: Lauro Begni's experience

Moasure for gardeners: Lauro Begni's experience

Lauro Begni, also known as “Il Lauro” is a young gardener and agriculturist based in Pianura Padana, in Italy's Franciacorta region, near the picturesque Iseo Lake.

His job fits in very well with the beautiful landscapes and amazing nature of this Italian gem: he looks after the planning, creation and maintenance of green areas, including scenic gardens decorated with perennial plants.

Lauro specialises in all the main treatments and practices for lawn care, including lawn seeding, grass fitting, fertilisation, and organic treatments to nurture the environment while respecting both people and pets.

The thing Lauro is most passionate about is the creation of green areas that are able to stimulate all the five senses, to achieve a timeless space that can help people to relax, and it improves their wellbeing.

What are the main challenges that gardeners face everyday?

Thanks to his talent and dedication, Lauro quickly started to get more and more jobs, and the complexity of these picked up as well: particularly, the gardens with irregular shapes posed many issues because it was hard for him to measure them with the traditional tools like tape measurements, and two people were often needed to complete the job.

This was really frustrating because these measurements took time away from his core business, leaving Lauro with little time left to focus on what he is really passionate about.

Determined to find an alternative to inefficient tools, he started to look around until he came across one of the Moasure's advertisements on social media.

Being a naturally curious person, always looking for new ways to optimise and streamline work, he was really intrigued by this innovative device that promises to measure in a completely different way: its patented technology uses motion to take measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm.

Measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space doesn't rely on GPS so it can be used anywhere.

Moasure app measurements


Just by moving from one point to another, Moasure captures measurement data and elevation changes, regardless of obstructions such as rising ground, large bushes or trees. 

Once the measurement is complete, it's possible to view a detailed drawing of the shape, in 2D or 3D, on the smartphone or tablet screen.

How did Moasure change Lauro's way to measure?

Lauro now uses Moasure ONE every week - both the measuring device and the Moasure STICK have a permanent place in Lauro’s kit bag and he uses them mainly to measure gardens with curves and irregular shapes.

There are several path types available within the app, and all he has to do is to switch from straight line to trace line or arc line to move around trees and bed flowers and even the gardens with the most complex geometry no longer pose any issue.

His clients are generally impressed by this little tool, and they perceive the quotes as more fair and not just a quick estimate.

Thanks to Moasure, I can now establish a relationship of trust with my new clients from the beginning, and I come across as more professional” - says Lauro.

Once the site inspection is completed, Lauro can seamlessly export his measurements from within the Moasure app to his favourite software, AutoCAD, to start planning. The measurements are available in different formats, including PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG and CSV, and the export feature is included without any additional cost.


Moasure has also helped Lauro to contain costs typically associated with inaccurate quotes, like the unused materials.

I can now order the right quantity of each material that I need for a project, without having to order too much and end up with leftovers” says Lauro.

Lauro recommends Moasure ONE to other professionals in the same industry for its ease-of-use and because of the considerable saving of time offered by the revolutionary measuring tool. Will you give it a try?


To find more information about Lauro’s business visit his website and his social media pages: Instagram - Facebook - Linkedin


Learn more about Moasure ONE here.


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