How Moasure has revolutionised Ángel Méndez's way of measuring

September 20, 2022

How Moasure has revolutionised Ángel Méndez's way of measuring

Ángel Méndez – Arquitectura y Paisajismo is an Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape company located in Badajoz (Extremadura, Spain), which was founded in 1998 with the aim of finding a balance between architecture and landscape through projects that give the exterior the same importance than to interior spaces.

Directed by well-known landscape architect Ángel Méndez, the Spanish company undertakes all kinds of projects related to new construction and renovation across the whole country, always with a focus on Mediterranean architecture and landscapes.

Every year, the studio delivers innumerable projects, such as single-family homes, wine cellars or nursing homes. Their goal is to achieve results that go beyond the typical standards and that at the same time make them feel proud of their work.

Such is Ángel Méndez's passion for landscaping and architecture that in 2014 he decided to create a blog called “La Magia del Paisaje” (“The Magic of the Landscape”), where he shares personal experiences, as well as tips and tutorials on how to design outdoor spaces. His work is also available on YouTube and Instagram.

How did the Spanish studio discover Moasure?

It all started on Instagram about 6 months ago, when landscape architect Ángel Méndez came across Moasure.

Although he saw potential in the measuring tool from the very beginning, he then thought it would be like all the traditional tools he had been using up until now: just to measure distances.

"Perhaps, I thought it was like that because it is what we have always been used to with any tool we have used," admits Méndez.

Curiosity to learn more about the motion-based measurement tool, coupled with the need to find alternative ways to simplify the measurement process, finally led him to place an order.

What was his first reaction after using Moasure for the first time? “I just thought of the time I wasted in the past when trying to collect data with traditional tools and the time I was going to save from now on,” he confesses.

What measuring tools did the company use before? What challenges did they face daily?

As they focus on projects related to new construction and renovation, Ángel Méndez – Arquitectura y Paisajismo studio requires measuring instruments to calculate the levels of plots, lots, or existing buildings.

For this, according to Ángel Méndez, the tape measure-flexometer-laser combination had always been the dominant trend in the studio to carry out the field task. A task that is effective, yet time-consuming.

A peculiarity of this company is that it not only focuses its attention on the regional market, that is, in Extremadura, but also covers the whole country, from north to south and from east to west. In this sense, moving to another place to take measurements required time, but also money.


"Sometimes, in order to measure a plot that I knew would take me several hours of work, it was not enough to leave early for a trip, and I was forced to stay overnight," says the architect.

During the field work it is essential not to forget any detail, so as not to be forced to return to the site to take new measurements. For this, it is important to calculate area and perimeter, locate all the existing constructions on the site, analyse the changes in elevation of the land (the latter sometimes requires the hiring of a topographer), prepare sketches, etc.

A tall order that continued in the studio when it came to digitalising all the data collected, as Ángel Méndez confirms: “In total, between the field work and the transfer data, I could put in 5 hours of work, sometimes even more.”

How has the Spanish company benefited from Moasure?

Since the Ángel Méndez – Arquitectura y Paisajismo studio decided to put their faith in Moasure, their measurement process has been significantly simplified. In other words, the Spanish company has seen an increase in both productivity and profitability.

Time management

Thanks to motion-based Moasure's ability to simultaneously plot and measure, the task of drawing up a plan "has been reduced to a few minutes," says Ángel Méndez, who no longer needs to stay overnight when he travels to other parts of the country to measure up sites.

If you add to this that the smart meter enables you to digitalise the measurements in different formats (DXF, CSV, PDF, among others) at the touch of a button and free of charge, "what used to take me around 4-5 hours (field work plus transfer data), now takes me just a few minutes in total.”


Being able to accurately measure job sites with one pair of hands is a factor that should not be underestimated. In this sense, Moasure, in addition to quickly calculating the area and perimeter of complex areas, captures changes in elevation of the terrain in 3D. Using accelerometers, gyroscopes and advanced, proprietary algorithms, the tool measures its own movement in 3 dimensions without relying on cell phone signal or GPS.

This feature has been a game-changer for Ángel Méndez – Arquitectura y Paisajismo, Méndez admits, as in most cases they no longer need to hire a topographer to do this task.

“Now, in a matter of minutes I have all the levels and, together with the fact that we work in the study with the BIM system and 3D modelling, we make an exact mapping of the scope of action, which helps us make decisions and project with a very high degree of precision,” says the landscape architect.

Location of existing elements on the plan (Layers)

Referencing the existing constructions to fences, walls or paths to later locate them correctly on the plan was another challenge that the Spanish company encountered during their measurement process. 

They no longer face this challenge, as Moasure’s “Layers” feature enables them to measure different shapes within an area where they are all positioned in relation to each other - all in one, single measurement.

"I’m very impressed with this feature. I've taken a weight off my shoulders because it was sometimes a daunting task," says Ángel Méndez.

The smart measuring tool can also dramatically reduce the time required to take measurements where obstacles or absence of line-of-sight limit the use of traditional measuring tools. Placing the device either side of the obstacle allows users to effectively eliminate the obstacle from their measurement via the Moasure app.

Customer satisfaction

Lastly, Moasure also offers the Spanish company a competitive edge over their competitors as the tool allows them to stand out from the crowd by giving them a professional modern image, as Ángel Méndez confirms: "Now, I can even export the measurement in PDF format and send it to the client by email, so that he has the data of his plot if he needs it. These types of gestures are very well received by clients, who show their satisfaction and attract other potential orders by speaking well of our work and professionalism.”

If you still don't know whether to buy the world’s first motion-based measuring tool, landscape architect Ángel Méndez has a message that may help you make a decision: "I advise you to stop wasting time with the traditional tools. Moasure can help you save plenty of time.”