3D Terrain Mapping, Volume Calculation and Personalised Exports

Our team has been hard at work, and we have just released our best update yet. Be ready to take your measurements to the next dimension.

We're excited to tell you about some significant free improvements to your Moasure PRO app, including Volume Calculation, Surface View, Contour View, Cut & Fill, Fixed Depth Volume Calculator, PDF logo personalisation, and more.

Watch the following tutorial video to see these new feature in action: 


3D Terrain Mapping & Topography

Moasure ONE enables you to rapidly capture a 3D terrain map of your site and instantly visualise it using the new contour view. 

Capture a perimeter and then simply collect elevation points at gradient changes or in a grid pattern. Moasure PRO automatically calculates contour lines, allowing you to visualise the site topography.


Calculate True Surface Area

Switch from a 2D contour view to a 3D terrain map and instantly see the 3D surface area, taking the guesswork out of ordering the correct amount of surfacing material.


Site levelling with Cut & Fill 

With the Cut/Fill tool you can determine the amount of material to be excavated (cut) or added (fill) during earthwork or construction projects to achieve desired levels and/or to level a site.


Fixed Depth Volume Calculator

The built-in 'Add Depth' tool calculates the cut and fill volumes required to level a site to your desired elevation. The net volume tool shows the amount of material that needs to be brought on or taken off site. 

A simple tap on the 'zero net volume' button displays the required elevation level to eliminate the need to move material on or off site.


Measure Stockpiles More Accurately

Simply capture the 3D surface map of the pile and the volume is calculated automatically.

Firstly, measure the stockpile's perimeter, followed by capturing elevation points across the surface of the stockpile. The 3D surface map and volume are instantly calculated.


Read more about these new views and features here.

Add a logo to your PDF exports

We know many customers wanted to add their logo onto exports, and we’ve said it is in the works, well here it is! 

You can now add your logo to PDF exports, giving them a sleek and professional look.


    To take advantage of these new features, all you need to do is update your app. There are no extra fees for this update, it is free to both new and existing Moasure PRO users.

    To find out more about Moasure ONE, click here.