Moasure for Technical Architects

Moasure® for Technical Architects

Moasure transforms the way technical architects measure.

Difficult Measuring Made Easy with Moasure ONE

Meet the world's first motion-measuring tool.

Moasure’s patented technology is transforming how technical architects work with its ability to measure and draw – rapidly and simultaneously.

Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring the difficult, simple. Moasure enables technical architects to measure in a completely new way, just by moving from one point to another, with measurement data captured in real-time and viewable on your smartphone or tablet screen.

With Moasure you can easily calculate the perimeter and area of ​​complex shapes, locate elements on the same plane and even know the topography of the land thanks to the calculation of level heights.

This really is the smart new way to measure on the construction site.

Watch Moasure ONE in action

Different applications in the construction industry:

  • Calculation of the area and perimeter of plots
  • Calculation of level heights to know the topography of the land
  • Location lot lines, existing buildings, trees and other elements on the same plan that can then be exported to design software at no additional cost
  • Land scaling for certifications
  • Verification slopes of ramps (garages of houses and buildings)
  • Checking slopes in sanitation networks
  • And much more...
Measure Anywhere, Anytime

Moasure's patented technology doesn't rely on GPS or phone signal

Light & Easy to Transport

Take Moasure with you wherever you go to rapidly calculate area, perimeter and elevation of irregular shapes

Save Time, Do More

Save time by accurately measuring job sites with one pair of hands

A Measuring Tool Like No Other

Measure & Draw Simultaneously

Effortlessly measure curves and free-form shapes. Simply trace along the edges of an area using Moasure ONE to digitally capture the outline and dimensions of the shape.

Moasure makes light work of measuring curved lawns, patios, driveways and other complex shapes – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around.

Measure in 3D & Calculate Elevation

Moasure captures three dimensional spaces with ease and allows you to review them on screen. It’s easy to calculate the gradient, rise and run or height difference between any two points.

From measuring complex shapes like sloped lawns or driveways, to calculating rise and run – difficult measuring is made easy with Moasure.

Measure Multiple Areas in One

Measure multiple shapes relative to each other – all in one, single measurement. This new and powerful feature, called Layers, enables you to measure shapes, or Layers, within an area and produce a comprehensive on-screen diagram of all Layers – all positioned relative to each other.

Measure Around Obstacles

Moasure ONE's advanced motion-measuring technology enables you to rapidly take measurements regardless of obstructions such as garden furniture, walls, large bushes or trees. Simply moving around an obstacle and utilizing Moasure's Ignore Point feature displays a complete measurement as if the obstacle was never there.

Measure Circles, Arcs & Curves

Simply collect 3 or more points along a curve and Moasure ONE will calculate:

Area, Circumference, Diameter, Radius

Arc Length, Arc Angle, Segment Area, Chord Length, Arc Radius

Measure Indoor spaces for energy certificates

Calculate the total area and perimeter of individual rooms, buildings, storage sheds or garages. Moasure ONE makes light work of large or small buildings or rooms, measuring and drawing as you move.



Featured Moasure Customers

Real Stories from Technical Architects

“Every day I am more glad to have added Moasure ONE to my toolbox."

David Guisado García
Seville, Spain

"I've been using the Moasure for a few months and it surprises me more every day. It's already an essential in my surveyor's backpack, and as I say, a surveyor's visit is practically worth it, it's not the same but in certain cases it's more than enough, and it saves us a lot of time."

Antonio Verdú
Ai Estudio
Alicante, Spain

"We have been using it in the Paterna City Hall for 1 month. The measurements of sidewalks with data collection from equipment on them is comfortable and quite precise. A good complement to the work of the surveyor."

Juan Luis Figueres Cantó
Ayuntamiento de Paterna
Paterna, Spain


"It seems to me the perfect tool to save time in measurements both outside and inside. It is very easy to use and for how small it is, it seems to me a brutal tool for the field of architecture and construction."

Ángel Rubio Saiz
Estudio de Arquitectura Técnica
Cuenca, Spain

"We are committed to new technologies that improve and optimize tasks to improve the productivity and precision of our projects. We are pleasantly surprised by the reliability and versatility of our new acquisition, the Moasure device, which has allowed us to carry out a topographic survey with great accuracy of our new project in the municipality of Candelaria."

Daniel Olmos Orduña
E3 Ecodesign
Madrid/Murcia/Canarias, Spain

"As we dedicate ourselves to construction, most of the work we carry out is reforms, which lack a project from a technician. We have to do it ourselves, both to prepare the budget and to request the building permit.

I had been looking for a measurement tool that would make my job easier for a long time, in fact I have tried several since the new technologies in this sector are aimed at making our work easier.

It wasn't until I bought the moasure ONE, which without a doubt is the one that most resembles the final one, since after testing it in several measurements it has convinced me. I can go alone to take the measurements, I don't have to take notes, since the app creates a map for me, which I can then send to myself by email, it uses various file formats compatible with most editing programs, in my case Autocad .

It is a tool that uses a completely different measurement system than what we are used to and I barely need anything more than practice to minimize the error rate.

Without a doubt, it is the tool that has the best value for money to help you at work."

Antoni Valls
TresValls Obres
Llubí, Spain

"Very easy to use and intuitive. It makes it easier for me to work in my architectural studio for drawing up plans and measuring areas.
It also helps me a lot with taking topographic heights."

Felip Josep Miret
DTA Domenech Tecnics Associats
Tarragona, Spain

"Moasure ONE is a technological marvel for engineering because it allows us to make complicated measurements easily and autonomously. He draws the plan for us in the application and then we can transfer it to the computer or share it with the client.
Calculate lengths, perimeters, areas, gradients, in short, a lot of data that in engineering is very useful for our work. Highly recommended."

Javier Fernández García
Betula Ingeniería
León, Spain

"Project in Almendralejo (Extremadura). When the initial state already appears so attractive, the possibilities multiply.

There is nothing more beautiful than a garden with topography. But if it is accompanied by rock, watercourses and successful previous constructions, you cannot ask for more from a new commission.

This does not mean that everything is done, because in cases like this the challenge is to act very naturally, to seek a result in which the pre-existences are enhanced without distorting them, and that requires an extra dose of reflection, organization and respect for the "Genius Loci". ”.

In actions with this topography, it would be very difficult to take good data without using the Moasure One device. Every day I am more glad to have incorporated it into my work tools."

Source: Facebook Post

Ángel Méndez
Ángel Méndez - Arquitectura y Paisajismo
Badajoz, Spain

"Once you have tried it two or three times, you get used to measuring while moving and you get fast and reliable results in a very short time. 100% recommended."

Luis Sánchez Blasco
Luitom Interiorismo
Madrid, Spain

Export Measurement Drawings & Data

Share measurements with colleagues or send them straight to your favourite design software – at no additional cost.

Optimize your workflow by exporting your measurements from within the Moasure app – to PDF, DXF, PNG, SVG or CSV formats. Moasure's export feature is included without any additional cost.

Export PDF

Automatically generate a comprehensive PDF document of your measurement, including a diagram of the measured shape and corresponding measurements for each edge, as well as elevation data for each captured point.

PDFs are scaled - choose from ‘Scale to Fit’ or select a custom scale ranging from a precise 1:1 ratio all the way up to 1:500. PDFs include a full-page grid, a scale bar, and clearer dimensions and labels to bring your measurements to life with clarity and precision. Moasure supports a wide range of paper size options, including A0 to A4, as well as engineering paper sizes such as ANSI C to E.

Export DXF (AutoCAD/DWG Compatible)

Export 2D or 3D DXF files, which can be opened in all popular CAD applications such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, VectorWorks and ArcSite.

Export CSV

Export coordinate data as a CSV file. CSV files can be used for many CAD applications. The CSV file displays the measurements X, Y and Z values.

Take full control over how your measurements are exported in CSV format with our fully configurable settings. You can select the exact data you need to export, letting you decide which measurement data you are exporting.

You can also export your measurements in PNG image and SVG formats.

Export your measurements to your favorite software programs, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Moasure?

  • 99.5% for single dimension measurements. For example, a 4m length +/- 2cm

  • 97-98% for area and volume measurements, shape dependant. For example, a 16m2 room would be +/- 0.3m2

This makes Moasure ONE ideal for measuring for estimates and quoting e.g. for landscaping, artificial grass, garden design, paving, concreting, pool construction, playgrounds and recreation, sports courts, construction, excavation – and many other industries.

There isn't a fixed limit to the distance you can measure with Moasure; instead there is a physical limit to the amount of time you can measure in a single measurement. This is determined by the available memory on your smartphone or tablet.

As this varies from phone to phone, we quote a “safe” maximum distance of 300m (1000ft) and a largest area of 10,000 sq. m (100,000 sq. ft.), to remain well within the memory limit of almost any smartphone. Having said that, we know customers who have measured a distance of 770m (2,500ft) and area of more than 25,000 sq. m or 6.2 acres (269,000 sq. ft.).

Full details on accuracy and range can be found here:

Range Accuracy


3 in. to 1000 ft
7cm to 300m

+/- 0.5%


L 300 ft x W 300 ft: (~90,000 sq ft.)
L 100m x W 100m: (~10,000 sq m.)

+/- 2.0%


3 in. to 80 ft
7 cm to 25m

+/- 0.5%


0 to 90°

+/- 1.0%


3 in. to 80 ft
7 cm to 25m

+/- 2.0%


0 to 360°
-180° to +180°

+/- 0.5°

3D Co-ordinates

X 300 ft x Y 300 ft x Z 80ft
X 100m x Y 100m x Z 25m

+/- 0.5% in each axis

Are there any ongoing costs or subscription fees?

No, there are no ongoing costs or subscription fees.

Previously, exporting measurements was subject to a small monthly fee. However, following Moasure customer feedback, this monthly fee was removed.

The Moasure PRO app, used in conjunction with the Moasure ONE device, is completely free and this includes future updates and new features.

How does Moasure work?

Moasure leverages its patented motion measuring technology. It puts in your hands one tool that can measure any distance, height, width, level, angle or incline. All you need to do is move and tap.

As you touch down from one point to another Moasure plots each position and calculates all the relevant measurements at the same time. So, if you take a straight-line measurement from one wall to another, Moasure will calculate the A to B measurement, but it will also be able to calculate the difference in height, level or angle between the two points.

Intelligent Measuring

Moasure is an incredibly smart measure, working powerfully with all the data it collects. Touch the diagonal corners of a room and Moasure will produce length and width measurements and calculate the 2D area of the room all at the same time. It can just as simply calculate 3D measurements and volume of any object whether that’s a box for packing or a round table or piece of furniture to put in storage.

Moasure can also adjust measurements to ignore obstacles, so if you need to move around furniture or move through doors to get from one room to another, it will measure as if the obstacles and walls are not there. Moasure can also adjust measurements if you cannot reach in a straight line across a room.

We think motion measuring will change the way we think about measurement.

The Technology Behind Moasure

Moasure uses the same technologies that are used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of the rocket’s movement in space. Moasure uses the same principles with accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers plotting its position in 3D space, measuring g-force and rotation and taking account of the gravitational changes with altitude and latitude.

Moasure takes more than 500 sensor measurements every second as you move. Complex software algorithms process this data and calculate how far Moasure has been moved and rotated

As Moasure plots and measures at the same time, all you need to do is move and Moasure will track its position from point to point and give you the measurement. This means it is as easy to measure across a room from one wall to another, as it is the whole length of a garden; and as easy to measure a flat surface as it is a curved wall or a cylinder or something irregular like a run of pipe round the wall of the house.

Can I measure in both meters and feet?

Yes, you can choose to display measurements in either metric or imperial units from within the Moasure smartphone/tablet app.

Can I export my measurement data and drawings?

You can save even more time designing or quoting jobs and projects by exporting your measurements - directly from Moasure's companion app, at no additional cost.

Export any of your measurements and drawings from the app in any of the following formats:

  • PDF – export 2D and 3D drawings and measurements
  • PNG – export an image file of drawings and measurements
  • DXF – export 2D and 3D files (compatible with popular CAD programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp and Vectorworks)
  • CSV – export coordinate data
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)

Can I use Moasure to capture floor plans?

Yes, Moasure ONE can be used to measure up and create floor plans. We would recommend measuring individual rooms separately or the whole exterior footprint with your Moasure ONE device.

Measuring out a whole floor, with individual and dividing rooms in one measurement period, in theory, is possible, but in practice very difficult as it requires significant 'route' planning and any errors during the measurement, will mean starting from the very beginning.

For now, it would be best to measure each individual room and then seam them together using CAD (or similar) software.

What is your returns policy?

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

If you would like to return your Moasure ONE, simply keep your original product packaging and accessories, ensure the device is in sellable condition (we know you have to use it) and then get in touch with us to and return it to us within 60 days from purchase.

What are the technical specifications?

Moasure ONE requires your smartphone or tablet to have at least Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: Apple iOS 12.4 and higher, Android OS 8.0 and higher.

Operating Temp: -10C to +50C (14F to 122F)
Storage Temp: -20C to +70C (-4F to 158F)
Shock: Survives 2m drop on to concrete
Sealing: Sealed to IP67 - water-resistant
Certification: CE certified
Battery Type:
Lithium Polymer

No of Measurements: 4-5 Hours Continuous Measuring
Recharge Method: Via USB (cable supplied)
Recharge time: 2-3 Hours

Package Contents:

  • Moasure® ONE™
  • Moasure Protective Belt Pouch
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

We recommend 'breaking down' a longer measurement into a number of smaller steps, by momentarily holding Moasure® ONE against a stationary object every 6-8 seconds during the measurement. This achieves a higher level of accuracy than if the long measurement is carried out in a single step.

How do I contact Moasure?

Do you have a question, or want to say hello?

You can contact us by completing the form here, and our friendly team will respond as soon as possible.

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