Measure Elevation & Grade with Moasure

Moasure accurately measures elevation changes, determines grade, and calculates rise and run—all without the need for traditional tools.

Measure in 3D

Moasure accurately captures perimeter, area, surface area, elevation and volume using patented motion-based measuring technology.

Record elevation data

Every time Moasure is set down, it captures x,y,z co-ordinates relative to the measurement start point.

Determine grade

Using the powerful Moasure companion app's suite of tools, automatically determine grade/slope, angle and rise and run.

Export to CAD

Export your complete 3D measurement and data straight to your favorite CAD program.

Measure elevation simply by moving

Moasure uses advanced inertial sensors to track its movement and automatically capture elevation changes.

As you move, Moasure’s companion smartphone app will simultaneously draw your measurements in 3D, giving you an accurate and fully-dimensioned diagram of the measured space.

No more wasting time transforming scribbled measurements into drawings, Moasure does it all for you while you go.

“The best tool I've ever owned”

"Honestly, with no exaggeration at all, this is the best tool I've ever owned and I've been doing this for for a while now. I no longer need my tape measure, measuring wheel, laser measure, zip level or transit." – Trent Durham, Durham Property Services LLC

Moasure's features in action

Discover Moasure's diverse applications made possible by patented technology and robust suite of in-app tools.

As you collect measurement data points, you'll see Moasure draw a complete 3D model on your smartphone screen – in real time. Once your measurement is complete, simply tap on any point to view its X, Y, Z data.

How Moasure works

Start your measurement

As you start a measurement, advanced motion-measuring sensors are immediately activated and Moasure ONE begins recording its own movement in 3D.

Pause every 6 to 8 seconds

Simply set the Moasure device down every 6 to 8 seconds – once the device is stationary, an X, Y, Z data point is captured and displayed on the Moasure app.

View your measurement

Each data point represents an X, Y, Z co-ordinate, allowing you to capture and plot a complete 3D model of a job site – all in the time it takes you to walk around.

How Moasure measures up

Moasure's suite of capabilities complements and often replaces traditional and bulky measuring tools. Moasure lets you single-handedly capture crucial site data whilst simultaneously drawing a 3D diagram – exportable to PDF and CAD.

“Saves me time”

"Not only am I able to save time measuring sites and collecting elevations, but its ability to transfer the data into DynaScape saves me time in the office putting together plans." – Chad Kasten, Weller Brothers Landscaping

Export to CAD & PDF

With Moasure, you can rapidly determine elevation changes by simply moving from one point to another.

As you start a measurement and begin moving the device, advanced motion-measuring sensors are immediately activated and Moasure ONE begins recording its own movement in 3D.

Trusted by professionals

Trusted by a range of industry experts globally, Moasure enables professionals to enhance their image by presenting clients with quick and accurate estimates.

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A measuring tool like no other

Save time, money, and hassle with this first-of-its-kind device that draws & measures simultaneously and fits right in the palm of your hand.